1. Why do people still like Lena Dunham


  2. theprettygoodgatsby:

    my favorite part of hamlet is at the beginning when they see the ghost of hamlet sr for the first time

    and the guards are like “Horatio, you go talk to it! You went to college!”

    and Horatio is like “Yeah! I did go to college! I will go talk to the ghost!”

    like. where did horatio go to college. did he go to ghost college

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  3. New York a couple weekends back.

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  4. wocinsolidarity:

    Official petition to ban all White Feminist Media Icons - including but not limited to Tina Fey, Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, and Daenerys Targaryen - and replace them with radical Women of Color. 


  5. silohouettes:

    The difference between period pains and getting kicked in the balls is that one is a compulsory monthly event and the other one is probably because you were being a dick.

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  6. Quiero una pareja


  7. motiya:

    Please take a minute to generally know what’s going on in Pakistan right now.

    On August 14th, Pakistan’s Independence Day, peaceful demonstrators started a march for the capital in opposition to the current prime minister. Now 17 days in to their peaceful sit in at the prime…

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  8. queering101:


    Lesbians ruined flannels for me.

    Homophobes ruined society for me.


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  9. sugaryumyum:

    Argentina: doing it right. After passing a groundbreaking gender identity law on Wednesday, Argentina, which became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage, now leads the entire world when it comes to trans rights.

    The new law, which was passed by 55-0 and is expected to be signed by president Cristina Fernandez, grants trans people the right to legally change their gender identity without having to get approval from doctors or judges–and, importantly, without having to change their bodies at all first. Not having a valid ID that matches your gender identity is a huge barrier to access to education, employment, health care, you name it. As Kalym Sori, an Argentinian trans man said, “This is why the law of identity is so important. It opens the door to the rest of our rights.”

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  10. myfirstpubichair:


    Why is it when I see a white girl with a tattoo on her thigh i think sexy? But a Latina I think ghettos as fuck?

    because youre racist

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